Natalie O

Designer - 5 years with Design Group

How/Why did you become a designer?
I was watching a special addition of the Lion King on VCR (before DVDS!). It showed how the animators flew to Africa to draw wild lions to create the characters. So as a kid, I remember thinking I will go around the world and draw animals!

After a few years I soon realised there aren’t many jobs that offer that (ha!) But that didn’t stop me from drawing! During high school I loved all the art subjects, especially visual communication/arts, so I just kept at it and wanted to study it after high school finished!

What do you love designing the best?

3 fun facts about yourself?

  1. I still love drawing animals and one day I hope to fly to Africa and draw all the wild animals there!
  2. My favourite word is “yeaaaahhh”
  3. I don’t hate Nickelback