Renee G

Design Studio Manager - year with Design Group

How/Why did you become a designer?

When I was at school, I knew I wanted to be an artist and back then, it was called ‘Commerical Art’ so I realised I could make a living from being creative. When I started working part time at school, I used to spend all of my money on fashion and music magazines and collecting posters. I’ve always been fascinated with pop culture.

What do you love designing the best?

I definitely have a passion for typography (I love Neville Brody), so my first love is hand drawn type and lettering. I also love to follow fashion as an art form as it helps me understand trend and design movements around the world.

3 fun facts about yourself?

1. I have 2 cats called Miso and Yum Yum.

2. I love learning to play instruments like guitar, violin and cello.

3. I’m a Gemini.