Celebrating Christmas 2021

Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.
With what has been a quite the roller coaster ride over the past 2 years, we deserve to go all out and kick up the festivities for December, a time where friends and family can get together and spend some valuable time together. Whether you are catching up in person or by video call we are here to help make this day feel extra special and we have a huge range of items to make Christmas feel extra festive, and all within an affordable price range.

From greeting cards to wrap, to tree decorations and candles, to super fun wearable hats and jewellery and not to mention our gorgeous range of beautiful tableware.

The Christmas Tree

Every year, the question is asked, and a range of different answers are brought up… When to put up the Christmas Tree?
Some say 12 days before Christmas, others say December 1st, or tradition says the fourth Sunday before Christmas. But, given the way the world has been the last couple of years, WE say when you want to!
It has been discovered that decorating your home for Christmas early can produce happiness, so, play your favourite Christmas tunes, pop that tree up and enjoy all the happiness Christmas brings.

Our range of beautiful ornaments, tinsel and tree topper will ensure your tree is dressed perfectly for the occasion.

Ways to celebrate Christmas

  1. Bake Cookies!
    We have Christmas themed cookie cutters to help you get into the festive spirit!
  2. Make Christmas Chocolate Moulds:
    Choose the chocolate of your choice: Dark, Milk or White Chocolate
    Simply melt, pour into the plastic mould and freeze. Easy!
  3. Make yourself a hot chocolate or some eggnog and drink from one of our festive mugs!
  4. Watch a Christmas movie. Our top picks:
    1. Love Actually
    2. Home Alone
    3. Last Christmas
    4. Elf
    5. The Christmas Chronicles
    6. The Santa Claus
    7. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
    8. Gremlins
    9. Die Hard
    10. Office Christmas Party
  5. Check out the Christmas lights
    As Christmas approaches, it’s always super fun to grab the family, jump in the car and check out all the Christmas lights in the area. Not sure where to go? Head to: https://christmaslightsearch.com.au/
    Type in your Suburb and mark out all the houses you want to view.
  6. Build your own Advent Calendar with our Advent Box.
  7. Get crafty and create your own ornament. We have a range of fun DIY ornaments the kids and adults will love.
  8. The night before, don’t forget to leave out some milk, cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeers.
A night before Christmas, set out milk, cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeers.

What’s on the Christmas Table?

We have a large range of beautiful Tom Smith Crackers

Table decorations
What’s Christmas without crackers? Dress your table with our beautiful range of Christmas crackers. We have a stunning range of crackers to complete your table setting, all packed with fun goodies!
We even have a large collection of the beautiful Tom Smith range.

Our range of tableware includes everything from plates, cups, napkins, placemats, melamine tableware, place setting holders, bottle toppers and much more!

Our Christmas tableware range has everything you need for your Christmas feast

What’s on the menu?
Not sure what to put on the Christmas table? Here are our favourite picks for Christmas day!

  • Seafood extravaganza with fresh prawns, smoked salmon and oysters, make a great starter.
  • Traditional Ham with chunky roasted potatoes, honey roasted carrots and of course the family favourite, pasta salad. (Don’t forget our trusty Ham Bag to keep your ham fresh and moist till the last bite! Simply follow the instructions on the bag)
  • Finish off with some traditional Christmas pudding drizzled with custard, and of course, Pavlova with fresh fruit. (Our Cotton Pudding Bag will ensure your pudding stays fresh for longer)

    Make sure you dress the part with our fun range of Christmas Aprons!
Ham bag, pudding cloth and fun aprons for the head chef!

For more information on any of our Christmas range, contact us today.