Frankie & Me Citronella Candles

With Summer just around the corner, we are going to have to keep those pesky mosquitos away! Our range of Citronella candles are affordable and a must have for any Summer BBQ for when we want to dine or relax outdoors.

We have a range of terracotta pots, tea-light candles and garden stake options to not only compliment but beautify your outdoor setting. Our Citronella candles are hand poured and ensures a welcoming and tranquil setting while keeping mosquitoes away.

Choose from our Terracotta Pots in small, medium or large sizes. These look lovely sitting on an outdoor coffee table, bench top or place around the edge of your patio and create a barrier against those mosquitoes.

Scatter our tea-light candles along the outdoor dinner table to create some soft mood lighting for a romantic feel.

Our Garden Stake stands at 75cm tall and looks fabulous when placed in the garden. Line them up across the garden bed to light up your garden. Our Glass Jar candle can be used as a replacement for the garden stake, or you simply use these on their own if you prefer the glass jar candle over the terracotta pots.

Mosquito Facts

  • DID YOU KNOW: Mosquitoes can drink 3 times their body weight in blood? That is a thirsty mosquito!
  • It has been found that drinking 3 cans of beer lead to 30% more mosquito bites. Better stock up on our candles if you plan on having beers outside.
  • Mosquitoes only need an inch of water to lay eggs… so get rid of all those empty pots that can contain any water

Citronella helps repel these pesky little critters so having these candles around can help keep them away, all while creating a lovely soft ambience in your outdoor area.
Contact us today and make sure you are Summer ready with our range of Citronella candles.