The emerging Hair Accessory Trends for 2021

2021 is the year for new stylish hair trends! We have picked some of our favourites below.


Be bold and bright, be feminine and pastel or be crystal clear! Bejewelled hair accessories with glass gemstones are very trendy for the year to come.
Crystals carry through as a choice embellishment, adding a statement of glitz to everyday items such as the ever so trending hair clip. Accessorise with these precious stones with your casual or formal wear. Stack them up or clip a single one into a low classic pony or to the side with your hair out.
We love a bit of #jewellerfication

Claws with Effect

Claw clips have made a huge comeback since the 90’s! Fashion influencers have grabbed hold of this ‘90s trend, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be letting up on it anytime soon.
The no-fuss, simple accessory is gentle on the hair and super easy to create a polished or messy ‘do. Style your hair into the classic claw clip twist, the half up half down, the claw clip pony, the low bun or use the mini clips to create braided twists!
These claw clips have certainly clawed their way back into our accessory staples.

Scrunchy Scarves

As scarves make their way onto runways, what better evolution of the scrunchie trend than the ‘scrunchie scarf’! What is a scrunchie scarf? It’s a cross between a scrunchie and a scarf.
It’s super easy to use, just simply wrap around a messy pony or around a bun for a more polished look. This versatile accessory lets you show off your style in endless unique prints, fabrics and colours, from fun animal prints to natural silk.
The best yet? Compared to regular hair ties, scrunchies are much more gentle on your hair which makes these perfect for daily use.

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