New Snapshotz Cards are now available

Our Snapshotz cards have new fun designs!

All Snapshotz cards are blank so you can write your own personal message to your loved one. Here are a few tips on writing the perfect message:

1. Plan out what you want to write.
2. Make your message unique.
3. Throw in a compliment or two.
4. Take your time and don’t rush.


Take a sneak peak and some of the new designs below.

RRP AUS $1.00/ NZ $1.99
10 per inner
Stock: 230gsm
Card Size: 118 x 180mm

Snapshotz 3x Summer Cards, Donuts, Inflatable Flamingo, Ice Cream

From left to right: Female Birthday PC1711, Female Birthday PC1712, Female Birthday PC1713

Snapshotz 3 x Summer Cards, Pool, Combi, Beach

From left to right: Scenic Australiana PC1744, Male Birthday PC1720, Scenic Australiana PC1747

Snapshots 4x Animals Cards Pig, Llama, Flamingo, French Bulldog

From left to right: Animals General PC1729, Animals Funny PC1737, Animals Animals PC1736, Animals General PC1731

Snapshotz 3 x Floral Cards

From left to right: Floral Especially for you PC1696, Floral Just for you PC1699, Floral Just for you PC1700

Snapshotz 3 x cards Kangaroo, Kitten, Dog

From left to right: Animals Australiana PC1743, Animals General PC1734, Animals General PC1727

Snapshots 3 x Birthday Cards

From left to right: Male Birthday PC1723, Male Birthday PC1724, Floral Birthday PC1703


Contact us today for more information and to see the entire new range!